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ssa 89

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Form SSA-89 02-2018 Discontinue Previous Editions Social Security Administration Page 1 of 2 OMB No.0960-0760 Authorization for the Social Security Administration SSA To Release Social Security Number SSN Verification Printed Name Date of Birth I want this information released because I am conducting the following business transaction Reason s for using CBSV Please select all that apply Mortgage Service Banking Service Background Check License Requirement Credit Check Other with the following...
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Hello and thank you for joining me today we're going to be taking a lucky Aaron put serve and PG visa fraud prevention platform for submitting 4506 t forms through to the IRS and also the SS a89 form identity check school as you'll see down here at the bottom row insisted purposes I have gone ahead and set up a demo account that I'll get signed in here you'll just need to open your web browser and go to pointer com like I've done any in here, so there's your welcome screen put any plain and simple in the left-hand side you're going to have a soul bar that says order 40 50 60 order ID track order and then there will also be a search bar for if you're submitting multiple orders you'll be able to go in login and enter in information to pull up the transcripts that have come in it's also a reports tab if there's any kind of problems with your order you'll have that for your records there as a source originated bounced back from the IRS most departments because the address is done't match up from where where the person lives when they actually claimed that they were working at a particular business okay so submitting me 40 50 60 you'll see client low number that will be within your loan document that's just a reference for you to go off of select 1044 for our demo today past two years of transcripts and go in here and John Doe sucks Susan needs to be in the correct format, and then you're going to go ahead and browse for your report if you're starting 4506 t transcript that you will receive from your potential borrower it's going to look something like this we also have within the help section if you're unfamiliar with filling out the 40 50 60 form we have something similar that kind of watch this is a process and just make your signed and dated properly, and we're going to go ahead and browse here for my one that I've set up here for the demo, and you can see it's ready to be submitted you will expect to expect an email back from us within 24 to 48 hours I'll have a link letting you know that the order is your transcripts are ready to be viewed at Point serve com that link will be a narrow take you right to your order if you wanted to get in here and search it'll take them whatever information it is whomever client it is if you're not sure, or you don't have that information economy you can go ahead and just hit submit, and it will show all the orders that you submitted, and I actually recently submitted an order you'll see here order history 21 at 403, so that's completed, and then you can view the original 40 50 60 transcript, so you are observer 40 50 60 cards you'll be able to view a sample or here's my template I have for you guys today this is what it looks like when it comes not from the IRS and for our clients that are dealing with multiple brokers we have our new functionality that we can add to your master account so where your broker can actually once they order this for you, they can submit it directly to your maps for account, and it...
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